3 comments on “The Path To Publishing… Then and Now

  1. No criticism intended, I’ve enjoyed the first two issues of Futures Guardian and they’ve prompted me to get my finger again with my own work but regarding Step 3… Seems odd to me that if you’re going to all that trouble to block out the characters in game, you might at least take a demorecord of it too. Even if you don’t want to make any alterations to the source, at least that way by changing a single value you get the time of day your story should be taking place at without faffing and a free roaming camera to take and retake screenshots with whatever angle and framing suits the story and your page layout at your leisure.
    I’m no slouch when it comes to Photoshoppery (except ironically when it comes to using Photoshop because I prefer other applications) but I know for a fact some of the things in my comics just couldn’t have been done without demo editing, so why handicap yourself by starting out with a half the available tools missing? Plus, even today, I can still create comics based in the CoH universe by using it…

    • The problem I had with demorecording, at least with COH, was that for whatever reason I could not use the demoeditor feature that allowed me to take screenshots automatically, and it would not allow me to do screen-captures while running. I haven’t tried it with CO, though. Maybe at some point I’ll give it a try.

      • Somewhere around the early teen Issues CoH demo playback introduced the facility to pause the demo while playing, you could then press Print Screen to generate a JPG so the third party demo editor may not even have been needed for your requirements. Certainly I found it more hassle than it was worth as a tool, as you could dump frames automatically during demo playback by appending additional switches to the command line.
        Cryptics successive Project Fight Club engine which became the basis for CO, STO and presumably NWO* incorporated all these options from day one and offered the free camera look which CoH also introduced during i24 Beta.

        *Although it’s entirely possible years of effort went into developing an entirely different engineer Neverwinter especially written to render all the muted browns, drab greys and lack of character customisation options 😉

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