Battlerock Comics Presents

In the world of superheroes, myths, and legends, there are plenty of stories that go untold. 

These are some of those other stories…

Comic Issues:

Issue #1Penitence
“Curse of the Blood Moon”  (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)

A woman is stalked by an undead spirit during the time of the Blood Moon. The police won’t help her, so she turns to Aaron Nile, an undead man with tremendous power who has walked the Earth for a long time. But who is this stalker? And why is he stalking her? The answer may surprise you!

Special guest appearance by Elite Ice from the pages of “Future’s Guardian”.


Issue #2 – Red Sinner
“The Unforgiven Sin”  (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)

From the pages of “Future’s Guardian” comes the tragic origin behind the mysterious vigilante.

A secretive and dangerous encounter with the absolute wrong person brings horrific tragedy to a young woman. Scarred in ways very personal to her, she has to rebuild her life and become something that will bring fear to those who once made her afraid.


Issue #3
“TITLE”  (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)

Issue #4
“TITLE”  (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)

Issue #5
“TITLE”  (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)