Audio Stories

In addition to visual storytelling, David 2 is skilled in dramatic audio stories. As a former Internet radio personality, he has access to a variety of effects and software to help convey the story to listeners.

Some of these stories can also be randomly heard on Dawn Radio.

All audio is in MP3 format.

Interrogating Markman Gold
From “Future’s Guardian” #21
Red Sinner interrogates Markman Gold for a possible connection to the blackmail of Starlett.

The Holiday Spirit
An original holiday audio story
Aaron Nile (also known as Penitence from “Battlerock Comics Presents” #1) narrates a Christmas Eve encounter with a former villain known as The Heckler, and Nile’s connection to a certain classic holiday tale that also involves to a certain Champion.

Red Sinner’s Introduction
From “Battlerock Comics Presents” #3
The narrator introduces Red Sinner from the start of “Battlerock Comics Presents” #3 as she stands looking over the Westside district of Millennium City.