Battlerock Comics highlights the comic creations of David 2.

Battlerock Comics feature fan-made comic creations using material collected from MMO games such as “City of Heroes” and “Champions Online” to tell the original stories of characters in those world.

Currently all of the comics published under the “Battlerock Comics” banner or through the parent group Get Brutal Productions are fan-made creations that are based in commercial multiplayer online games and thus are completely free of charge to comply with federal copyright laws.

So why do them at all, never mind make them available for free?

Because there are stories that need to be told, of course!

And what better way to show off an MMO than through fan-made content?  This is essentially free advertising for the MMO providers themselves, allowing readers to see a virtual world that they can then take part in themselves.  And if those new players then spend money on the MMO, that’s money in the provider’s pockets, and their pockets alone.

About the name…

The name “Battlerock Comics” is based on the original character created by David 2 for the City of Heroes MMO called “Battlerock X”, the 10th-Generation of warrior from the lost Battlerock tribe in what is now the northwestern part of the United States.

Colonel John Battlerock, aka Battlerock X, in the City of Heroes MMO

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  1. I read your stuff on Issuu.com and I am curious what do you use for graphics? Are they freeze frames of a computer game or a website game? I love all the stories you post! I am the writer for Powerhouse-Mirage.. you can find myself there also and I would like to do panel by panel stories instead of my traditional four pages of writing with some illustrations. I would be interesting in talking.

    • Hi! Glad you like my works. The images are a combination of screen-captures from MMO games combined with additional graphics using GIMP and then put together using MS Publisher. The two primary games are City of Heroes and Champions Online, although I have toyed with expanding to include Star Trek Online and DC Universe Online, and I may even transition to Valiance Online if they develop into a free-to-play MMO.

      I actually started similar to what you do with your publications. I used to write stories and then add an occasional image. Then I saw some of the works of other comic creators and how they were able to take screen images and put them together into comics. That is what led me down towards doing the comics you’re reading now. A lot of it is trial-and-error and learning as I go, but once I got it figured out, I found it rather fun.

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