The Guardian Powers

Once they represented the next generation of superhero teams… The Guardians of the Dawn!  They battled crime lords, corrupt government agents, and even gods and demigods.  They made a difference when many believed they would not.

But while the Guardians of the Dawn are no more, several of the heroes refuse to give up the fight to make that brighter future possible.  Continuing to operate as a “Ghost Group”, they are known collectively as…


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Note: The series follows from the “Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight” series.


Issue #1
A figure from Paragon City’s past returns, determined to make Galatea Powers atone for what happened to Galaxy City! Who is this mysterious figure? Plus, Lyon Powers discovers a new ability that will change her life!


Issue 2

Alex Wentworth tries to shut down Alice Banks’ witch-hunt before it begins. Captain Paragonna investigates a crime going back to her days as Lady Templar. Tainted Eve’s much-promised operative appears, and what is Icon Powers doing?


Issue 3

Is Galatea Powers dead? Nobody seems to know, or know where she is. But who can stop the thing that would be powerful enough to kill her? Longbow’s Warshade agent Romulus joins in the hunt for Tainted Eve’s operative.


Issue 4

Icon Powers is hunting down MidKnight X, still on his quest to bring Shadowborn to justice. What can he say to get his otherworld teammate to back down? Plus Captain Paragonna looks into “General Income”, and discover what happened to the woman that tried to kill Alex Wentworth!


Issue 5

Captain Paragonna’s undercover mission takes a strange turn when a returning MidKnight X joins in. Plus, Galatea Powers is summoned back to Ouroboros, and Alex Wentworth has some bad news for the group.


Issue 6

Siege in the Judicial Center! Pyrogurl is back in Paragon City, but she’s not the only one making a return!


Issue 7

ExGemini demands to know what happened to Midnight Arachnia! Pyrogurl takes the stand in the Citizen Grand Jury. And just when things seem bleak for the Guardians, can the day really be saved by… Garry Becker?!?


Issue 8

Icon Powers and ExGemini join forces with Tainted Eve of the Libra Order to visit Limbo to confront the mysterious cosmic force known as Libra. Will they find out what happened to their missing associates?


Issue 9

After months of investigation and stonewalling, Captain Paragonna gets to take down General Income. But who is he REALLY? And why does he sound familiar to the Captain? Plus, the student becomes the teacher as Lyon Powers takes on the challenge of welcoming a new hero to Paragon City. But this rookie proves to be a real challenge!


Issue 10

Galatea Powers is about to find out just how bad her day can get when several of her previous enemies come out of the woodwork looking for some payback. But they end up being the least of her worries, as she encounters someone that she will never expect!


Issue 11

A legendary hero from Ancient Egypt returns in the form of his descendent. Who is he? And how will his return affect the Guardians?


Issue 12

Captain Paragonna and Pharon must race to save the life of a witness that could cause trouble for the new Bilderburg Alliance authority. And we are finally introduced to Faith Powers. But is this the same Faith Powers that Lyon Powers remembers… or is this someone different?


Issue 13

The search for the missing Midnight Arachnia takes Icon Powers and ExGemini to Praetoria. But is Furia Powers, the Praetorian older sister of Lyon Powers, to be trusted? Plus, after months of stonewalling, Galatea Powers will finally have her face-to-face meeting with CyCorp CEO Richard Cyril over his accusations concerning the Guardians of the Dawn and the destruction of Galaxy City.


Issue 14

Midnight Arachnia, in her guise as “Lady Midnight”, has been captured in the Praetorian Universe. Can Icon Powers and ExGemini save her? And where does Furia Powers stand? Plus, Galatea Powers continues her investigation into the destruction of Galaxy City in hopes of clearing Doc Tor’s name. But the information leads her to some strange places, including… Galaxy City?


Issue 15

Final Issue: Galatea Powers has found Doc Tor and the secret behind Galaxy City. Now the two of them must work to save thousands and the reputation of the Guardians.


Guardians of the Dawn 2012 Special
Special Appearance by Dark Synaspe of the “Justice-Knights”! Furia Powers learns some of the untold stories of the Guardians. How did they originally meet, and what is their connection to one of the pivotal moments of the Justice-Knights history?


Series Disclaimer:

“The Guardian Powers” is created using original characters in the City of Heroes Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. Copyright © 2004-2012.  This story is an independent not-for-profit derivative work of the City of Heroes Game.  All original rights are reserved by NCSoft and Paragon Studios.  NCSoft, the interlocking NC logo, Paragon Studios, City of Heroes, City of Villains, and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of NCSoft Corporation and Paragon Studios.  Cryptic Studios is a trademark of Cryptic Studios, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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